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Another Delicious Breakfast at Cafe 57

Posted on: June 28, 2011

Okay, so I have already reviewed Cafe 57. Last time I did, I didn’t put up any photos. Last Sunday I enjoyed a lazy brunch there with friends, so I thought I might re-review, this time with some pictures. Albeit, crap ones from my iPhone.

As a rule, I get eggs for breakfast if we go out. They’re filling and healthy, and also contain the highest quality protein of any food. There are 18 essential nutrients in an egg. And if you eat less than six a week they will not affect your cholesterol. Anyhow, I broke away from my usual pattern and ordered french toast with berries and yogurt. I don’t know why, but the yogurt wasn’t anywhere to be seen. It was still tasty, and I couldn’t be bothered to complain.

Other dishes at the table were the Mediterranean breakfast, (read:omlette) the always plate-licking good shaksoka, and some humble scrambled eggs on toast.

The coffee was good and the staff were polite.

Here is the original review.


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