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Review – The Foreshore Bar and Grill, Rhyll, Phillip Island

Posted on: April 6, 2011

The Foreshore Bar and Grill

11 Beach Road
5956 9520

Wanting to sit somewhere nice on a sunny afternoon with friends, Foreshore had plenty of appeal. Foreshore is located on, you guessed it, the foreshore of Rhyll beach, Phillip Island. It’s not the busiest or most populated spot on the island, but is popular with holidayers and tourists nonetheless. Mezze Platter

There’s plenty of seating, indoors and out, and what looked to be an expensive and modern fit out. As we walked on I had the feeling that we were about to get fed some crappy food for an outrageous price, coffee club style.

It’s okay, I was wrong. We ordered a few dishes to share as a light lunch. The crispy chips were great. We also ordered the Mezze platter, which included some tasty little treats, which change daily. We also got some olives and bread, along with plenty of drinks. Foreshore have a decent wine list, and also stock Pipsqueak Cider.

Foreshore falls seriously short when it comes to vegetarian options. The only main on the menu I could have ordered was the chicken salad, sans chicken… (they actually advise you to do so on the menu).

The view, as you would imagine, was fantastic, and the staff friendly. Sure, it’s a little pricey, but what else would you expect from a restaurant in one of the busiest tourist traps in Victoria?

If you want to sit on a deck, have some drinks, and look out over some water, it should tick all of the boxes for you.

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