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Review – 57 Cafe Bar Restaurant, Mount Waverley

Posted on: March 21, 2011

57 Cafe Bar Restaurant

57 Centreway, Pinewood Shopping Centre
Mount Waverley

For a long time, 57 was my just my local coffee haunt. When I first moved to the area, I stumbled into the first coffee place I could find, and ordered a flat white. I was pleasantly surprised, and haven’t been astray since.

57 is a well thought-out operation. Someone has planned this place well from day one, and puts in plenty of time and effort to make sure it continues to runs like clockwork.

The food is always good and you can tell the produce is fresh. The staff are all attentive and friendly, if not a little too uber-cool for my tastes. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and grind up plenty of coffee beans in between. Every time I’ve visited the restaurant, including the kitchen, is clean and tidy.

The important thing is, the food is always good. Every time I’ve come in for a meal I’ve never been disappointed. A few more adventurous meat-free mains would be excellent, but I always manage to pick something I enjoy.

There are plenty of good vegetarian choices for breakfast and a few for lunch and dinner, which are mostly risotto or pasta. I prefer to pick a few of the sides. Favourites include the arancini balls, which come served with a slow-cooked tomato sauce for dipping, the bruschetta, and the aubergine stack.

The shaksoka is a great choice for breakfast. Two fried eggs served in a slow-cooked tomato sauce are served in a cast iron pan. There is Turkish bread on the side, much needed for dipping. Lovely on a seedy Sunday.

If you’re heading to (or staying put in) the south-east suburbs then 57 is more than a safe bet.

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