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Review – Vegie Bar, Fitzroy

Posted on: March 16, 2011

Vegie Bar

380 Bruswick Street


Vegie Bar, Fitzroy Street, Brusnwick

Vegie Bar is everything you would expect from an eatery with a Brunswick Street address: It’s busy, loud, and cheap.

Most dishes are under $15 and the menu selection is huge. It’s easy to spend double your food bill on alcohol (which I did). The wine list isn’t extensive, but there’s organic choices available.

The food is good. Well it’s better than good, actually. The servings are generous and everything I tried was tasty. It is simple, but that’s a part of the Vegie Bar philosophy.

Pizzas and burgers prove to be menu favourites. There’s also a good selection of different mediterranean influenced dishes. If you love your legumes, you’ll love vegie bar. There’s also lots of vegan choices, as well as gluten-free options.

If you do go here, don’t miss the samosas. Though I’m sure they are incredibly bad for your cardiovascular health, they are incredibly delicious.

From the outside, Vegie Bar looks small and overcrowded, but walk inside and you’ll discover that there’s heaps of seating. Plus, there’s a pretty quick turnaround happening, so even if they’re full the wait for a seat isn’t long. Be aware that they wont seat you until everyone in your party has arrived.

Perhaps the best thing about Vegie Bar is that you can feel good about what you are eating. The original philosophy behind the restaurant, which started as a takeaway bar, was to provide simple and healthy food that also tastes good. Produce that is organic and without genetic modification is used wherever possible.

If you’re looking for a quick and tasty meal that’s not too heavy on your wallet or your waistline, then head to Vegie Bar.

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