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Review – Pure Italian, Balwyn North

Posted on: March 16, 2011

Pure Italian

249b Belmore Road
Balwyn North

A visit to Pure Italian is a bit like having lunch at the home of a friend. A friend who has lived in Italy for most of their life, and is really passionate about food. (In my opinion, you can’t have enough of these kinds of friends) It’s warm, cosy, and very very welcoming.

There’s not a lot of room to move inside, but it really doesn’t matter. There’s rustic wooden seating and menus are written on paper scrolls on the wall. If you’re there for breakfast or lunch on the weekend, a dull roar in the background really gives something to the atmosphere.

Ordering is difficult, because there are just too many choices. I ended up opting for an antipasto platter. The incredibly friendly staff are more than happy to put something together without meat.

There’s also lots of tasty treats to take away with you if you choose, including bread and pasta. If I actually was Italian then I could probably tell you more about that part…

The coffee is really good. Just perfect for a rainy Sunday morning. With winter coming, Pure Italian is a great place to head.

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